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Road Bike Party 1, 2 and 3

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Road Bike Party 1, 2 and 3

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December 26th, 2014

Martyn Ashton is a former British and World Champion mountain bike trials rider, stunt rider and team manager. He started riding professional trials in 1993 and is often described as a cycling legend. He has been credited with turning trials from a niche form of riding into the sport it is today.

Martyn came onto the road bike radar in 2012 when he published his amazing ‘Road Bike Party’ video on Youtube in October 2012.  The video quickly became an internet sensation and sees Ashton perform a number of acrobatic tricks using an unmodified carbon bike shot in various locations around the UK.

Due to the success of ‘Road Bike Party’, Martyn decided to work on a sequel but suffered a bad accident during a bike trials demo at the British Moto MP and was paralysed.  This meant that he could not complete ‘Road Bike Party 2’ alone and did so with help from friends and fellow riders Danny MacAskill and Chris Akrigg.  Martyn is still heavily involved in cycling and is still very active despite having a broken back.  You can follow his perosnal journey on Facebook here .  Martyn’s injury has thankfully not stopped the Road Bike Party series and Martyn hosts ‘Road Bike Party 3’ which is ridden by Sam Pilgrim.

We have put together all 3 Road Bike Party videos below as a tribute to Mike… I’m sure you will agree they are just epic and awe inspiring.  ENJOY…

Road Bike Party 1

Road Bike Party 2

Road Bike Party 3

and some Road Bike Party extras….

Road Bike Party 1 out-takes

Road Bike Party 2 – Behind The Scenes Documentary

Road Bike Party 2 – The Making Of Martyn Ashton’s Colnago C59 Disc

Road Bike Party 3 – Building Sam Pilgrim’s Ridley Noah

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