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Should cyclists pay their way? The never-ending debate! Weekly round-up #33!

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Should cyclists pay their way? The never-ending debate! Weekly round-up #33!

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Bumpy bike path

December 7th, 2015

This week’s round-up features two separate stories about Boris Johnson (one also featuring Alan Sugar!), information about Chris Froome’s performance data, and a case of Cupid getting it right.

The top image is from a reddit post by user FKYS and shows some truly shocking bike lane surfaces. We’ve all ridden over glass on a bike lane or accidentally hit a pot hole slightly too fast, but that picture takes the mick! Our favourite comment was from an American commentator who had a humbling realisation about the disparity between his country’s position on the world stage and the quality of its bike lanes:

Reddit comment

Not again…

An article in The Express reports on the most recent fuel to be added to the ever-burning debate between cyclists and motorists, specifically those who believe that cyclists should pay ‘their share’ of road tax. Mr Rutherford of the Motorists Association has suggested that each cyclist pays £50 per year in tax, stating that ““If cyclists want their dedicated lanes and cycle lanes surely they like drivers, plane users and boat users, should pay for the access”.

Surprisingly Mr Rutherford (and The Express’ article) neglects to mention that ‘road tax’ was abolished by Churchill in 1937, or that the only reason motorists pay tax is because of the emissions from their vehicle. Not surprisingly however, is the passion and energy with which this omission is argued over by people in the comments beneath the article!

Alan Sugar threw in his two pence to the debate by complaining to Boris Johnson about delays in his commute because of building works on the cycle superhighways. This delighted Mr Rutherford, who then asked:

“How does some oik, a complete loser on a bike, go faster than Lord Alan Sugar, who employs a lot of people in this country and is a contributor to Britain?”

We’ll keep our nose out of this one, we think!

Following in Mr Johnson’s footsteps

Pressure is on for the next London mayor to continue Bojo’s cycle-friendly infrastructure projectsAn article on MayorWatch written by Darren Johnson, a Green Party candidate, congratulates the current mayor’s attempts, saying the superhighways opened during his tenure “reminded me of cycling in Holland or Denmark” and that, in short, “they’re brilliant”.

He then calls on Boris’ replacement for “some real commitment … to roll this kind of quality infrastructure out all across London”.

We’d love to see more too! Better cycling infrastructure in cities means more people riding to work, fewer cars, and

“Deceit of the past casts its shadow over the present”

An article in The Guardian recounts Chris Froome’s efforts to rebuild trust in “the sport he loves”. The cyclist has elected to release data from independent tests into his physical condition and hopes that this data will restore the trust of fans and critics after numerous doping scandals have impacted professional cycling, but is aware that this might not happen straight away – adding that he is “realistic and recognises that these results will not convince everyone”.

Fellow pro Bradley Wiggins commended Chris’ decision to release the data in another article, but shared his concerns that it won’t be enough to convince cynics.


What do you think?

Our story of the week

This week’s top story comes from the Redditch Standard, and describes an adorable story of a couple who just celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary after meeting at a cycling club in 1953.

Married cycling couple
Image linked to source

Wyn and Brian (82 and 81 respectively) still ride 3 times a week and say that common interests (“such as the cycling”) are the secret to a happy marriage.

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