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Stravistix: a suite of cool enhancements for Strava

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Stravistix: a suite of cool enhancements for Strava

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June 5th, 2015

Stravistix is a great Chrome plugin that ‘adds missing features’ to the Strava website, and offers ‘new performance data and improved ergonomics’. We got in touch with Tom Champagne, the man who put it together:

When asked what about his cycling background, Tom says that he “doesn’t have a fascinating story to tell”, and that initially he didn’t see the appeal at all, “using the Tour de France as a sleeping aid when napping in July”. His attraction to other extreme sports (skateboarding, free-skiing) eventually led to his catching the cycling virus however, when he put slick tires on an old XC bike for skiing training.

The desire to create the plugin came from Tom’s frustrations that the information he wanted about his rides was either “insufficient or irrelevant, sometimes poorly returned, or [only] on other online platforms”,  the combination of which forced him to use multiple tools. Consolidating these into one is the goal of Stravistix, and with five years’ software engineering experience under his belt, tinkering with Strava’s functionality to bend it to his will was easily possible. He quickly found demand for such functionality among the cyclists on the internet.

Breaking it down

Look at all those features!

The feature that stood out most on first glance was Zones, shown above. This allows you to break down a ride into sections and see your average speed, cadence, heart rate, grade, power or pace in each – meaning that navigating the traffic-laden roads out of a city will no longer reduce your ride’s average speed.

Speed stats

heart rate stats

The implications for your post-training analysis are huge. Tom hopes that having access to and control over more granular data will motivate fellow cyclists to improve their statistics, and he says that it helped him to become more involved in the sport.

Making it slicker

Very handy

Another great feature was the option to see weather data such as wind, temperatures, clouds and humidity – slick!

You can also scan a QR code directly from Strava on your computer screen to quickly download a route to the Strava app on your phone.

So, some features are designed to give deeper insight into rides and others to make the app easier to use; others are just included to give quirky bits of information you didn’t know you needed. Want to know the area enclosed by the route you cycled? That can be done. Want to see how many times your crank revolved, or see a comparison of how long you spent pedalling versus free-wheeling? That can be done too.

Playing with Stravistix, it’s apparent that it’s a clever and well thought through tool – each functionality I tested answered a need, subconscious or otherwise, in my riding. With 4.88 of 5 stars after 297 reviews at the time of writing and some solid reviews, Tom’s plugin is obviously scratching a lot of Strava users’ itches!

High praise!

Tom emphasises his respect for Strava (which he describes perfectly as innovative, addictive and so simple), and says his motivation is to enhance the app according to the needs of its users, rather than to direct users elsewhere. Good work that man!

For those of you looking for hard data, here is a full list of features:

Activities improvements:
    • Zone distribution through charts and tables of
      • Speed/Pace: Quartiles, standard deviation
      • Cadence: Quartiles, pedaling/freewheel time, Crank Revolutions
      • Heart rate reserve: Quartiles, Heart Rate Reserve Avg
      • Power: Quartiles, Variability Index, Punch Factor, Weighted Watts/Kg
      • Grade: Quartiles, Grade Profile, Times and percentages during climbs, flats and downhills
    • Zones for each data type are customizable in Stravisitix options
    • TRIMP (Training Impulse) score: the TRIMP is a number calculated according to the time spent in heart zone to determine the training load
    • TRIMP / Hour
    • Ratio of activity: time spent moving compared to total time of an activity
    • Thoughness Score: this score is based on the ratio of activity, elevation, average speed, and distance (coming soon for running)
    • Weighted power cycling
    • Weighted power / kg in cycling
    • Cycling variability index: this index shows activity smoothness in terms of effort
    • Cycling intensity index or Punch Factor: this index indicates whether you were below or beyond your current power capacity (Functionnal Power Threshold)
    • Distance display for each of your bike in activities
    • Integration VeloViewer in each of your activities
    • “FlyBy” integration: people
    • OpenStreetMap flipper. Available osm maps: Cycle, Landscape, Street, Os, Outdoors.
    • Garmin TCX export.
Segments improvements:
    • Exporting cycling segment effort as Virtual Partner course for your Garmin device or other compatible GPS. File format: .crs, .tcx, .gpx
    • % rank in segments
    • Nearby segments around watching segment.
    • Default order in segments: All, Man, Woman, People I am, My results
Other cool things:
    • Integration KOM/CR map
    • Integration of Heat Map Global Strava
    • Hidden challenges or/and roads created in the Dashboard

Other projects

Outside of Stravistix, Tom maintains a varied and interesting portfolio:


A screenshot from ‘Jibb‘, a skiing game whose development is currently on hold.

Musée du Bardo

An app guide for the Musée du Bardo in Tunisia – available from the Android Store.

Tom also mentioned cycling and running related projects that are “secret for now” – how delightfully intriguing! We look forward to seeing them.

You may have seen the plugin under the name StravaPlus before – this was changed on request from Strava.

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