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The fortnight in cycling vol 6: Boris and Lance

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The fortnight in cycling vol 6: Boris and Lance

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February 4th, 2015

Great news being reported in BikeBiz last week: Boris Johnson, the divisive mayor of London, has received the green light on his plans for flagship protected cycle highways running through London. Despite small objections and concerns that the plans would be interrupted by interest groups, the scheme is supported by an impressive range of organisations: “Rothschild, Unilever, the Financial Times, Universal Music, Microsoft,  Orange, Land Securities, Coca-Cola Europe and the Royal Opera House. In addition to this all four major trauma centers, the London Air Ambulnce and the City of London Police and Southwark Cathedral are calling for the routes to be implemented” (from the CyclingWorks blog).

Chris Kenyon (of Cycling Works) sums up our thoughts on this scheme perfectly: ““we all benefit from more Londoners getting on their bikes. The city is less polluted; employees are healthier and happier; congestion on public transport is relieved and the city is a more attractive place to live and work”

Whatever you think of his politics (and general buffoonery) we hope you’ll agree this is great news: good work Boris!

Another infrastructure announcement made the news a couple of weeks ago too: the headline that Chicago was planning to introduce a gun-sharing system, operated in a similar way to the increasingly ubiquitous cycle-hire schemes making their way round the world, almost prompted outrage and disbelief until we spotted the source:,37797

Image from The Onion and linked to source

Lance Armstrong:

Another divisive figure was on the BBC last week, discussing the circumstances around his doping. The article raises interesting questions of how the issue will be remembered over time: whether forgiveness is possible; whether the money raised saved by his cancer support charity should be attributed to him; whether his titles should be reallocated, retroactively giving the races winners, and so on. Regardless of your opinion on the issue, it makes for interesting reading.

Other bits:

The jerseys for 2015’s Giro d’Italia were revealed recently, and they look suitably snazzy! The jerseys’ colours are the same as 2014: pink for leader, red for points leader, white for the young rider and blue for the mountain leader. Last year’s Giro was a treat and we can’t wait for this year’s, although it doesn’t visit Ireland this time!

Jaguar have launched technology to reduce the risk of the dreaded SMIDSY (“sorry mate, I didn’t see you!). The Bike Sense software, currently in the early stages of development, would sense for and warn drivers of cyclists in the rear three-quarter area of their car. The aim is to reduce the likelihood of the car moving (or the driver opening the door) and hitting the cyclist. (Source)

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