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The Modern MAMIL: a review of the cyclist’s A to Z

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The Modern MAMIL: a review of the cyclist’s A to Z

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The Modern MAMIL cover

February 5th, 2016

The Modern MAMIL, available to buy now, is the logical result of the friendship between Spencer Wilson (who we spoke to last week) and Joel Rickett: one an illustrator and designer, one an author and publisher, both cyclists (and both MAMILs).

Open the cover and you’re greeted with delightful new book smell, Tour de France polka dot lining and, as it progresses, over 150 definitions of cycling terms presented through witty illustrations and a beautiful colour palette.

The intro reads “you’ve hit 40” and warns if that’s not the case, that “you will soon”. Whether you’re inside this bracket our outside of it, one of TMM’s best strengths though is its ability to cross demographics well and offer something for everyone. It confidently treads the line between humour, cycling history and effective teaching of the esoteric but vital lingo of the subculture. Plentiful French phrases are testament to the latter (“France: the spiritual home of the MAMIL”).

It’s quickly apparent that TMM is written by true cyclists: two lads who appreciate all the nuances of riding, from guilt-free snacks (“banana: the cyclist’s best friend, in biodegradable wrapping”), to seeking out suffering (“hills: pills prescribed by the doctor of pain”). Their acknowledgement of fellow cyclists’ universal love for coffee and, latterly, craft ale cements this.

For MAMILs who have managed to blag their way so far but ride in fear of getting caught out for not knowing their natural breaks from their Flemish facials, TMM is the perfect tool for inducting yourself into the inner circle.

The charming visuals meanwhile are great for keeping your true motives hidden from the family (“the impediment to your training regime”).

Reading through the book was a pleasure and has put me in good stead for my inevitable journey to MAMILhood. As a YMICS my fave definition is “Malt Loaves: the strapped-for-cash cyclists’ fuel. Yours for 99p a mega-loaf”.

I imagine in a few years it will be suffersphere (or, more likely, recovery ale)

Verdict: the perfect book for the MAMIL in your life, whether they are a wannabe or the real deal. Lovingly crafted and well thought through.

The accompanying diary is good too: imagine Strava but on paper. It contains all the check-lists and kit lists the MAMIL will need, as well as plenty of space for recording information and thoughts about rides, particularly good cafés encountered en route, or whatever else takes their fancy.


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