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A Beautiful Short Film – Trike to Bike

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A Beautiful Short Film – Trike to Bike

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April 2nd, 2014

Ride25 are loving a new short film from the Yorkshire Film Archive ‘Trike to Bike’ which has been commissioned as part of the Tour de Cinema and part of the Yorkshire Festival. The film is a beautiful montage of historical cycling footage encapsulating the joys of cycling across the ages from old cine film footage of children in their back gardens playing on their first trikes, to a little boy getting his first bike and learning to ride for the first time (with his Dad running alongside him), to footage of local road races and one of Yorkshire’s greatest athletes, the legendary Beryl Burton.  The film also incorporates some great historical shots of the stunning Yorkshire countryside, towns and cities that will form part of the Tour de France Grand Depart route this summer.

This emotional film just goes to show how much cycling is part of our lives – even though we may not even realise it – from our very first trikes, to our first wobbles on our ‘big bikes’,  to the joys of watching (and perhaps participating) in competitive cycling events.



2 Responses to “A Beautiful Short Film – Trike to Bike”

  1. Bob P Says:

    Can you tell me who wrote the music for this film please.

  2. Ride25 Says:

    Bob – the film was made by we have asked them to let us know who composed the music – we love it too.

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