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Watch out! Changes to Eurostar’s bike policy imminent!

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Watch out! Changes to Eurostar’s bike policy imminent!

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Eurostar at platform

October 26th, 2015

Edit: this decision was overturned. See our more recent blog post to this effect.

In this week’s round-up we mentioned Boris Johnson’s disdain at the upcoming changes to Eurostar’s bike policy, which he called “a backward step, ‎which undermines Eurostar’s green pretensions”.

Disapproval has also been forthcoming from across the media: the Guardian, the Telegraph and the BBC have written on the topic, and reports that the CTC have requested a face-to-face meeting with Eurostar officials to negotiate a more effective and less arbitrary policy change.

A petition is also making the rounds which hopes to add further weight to the 7300+ letters that have been sent to Nicolas Petrovic, the company’s chief executive.

So, what exactly is being proposed?

The new policy for taking bikes on Eurostar, effective 1st November onwards, is as follows:

  • Folding bikes smaller than 85cm when fully folded can be taken on any train, as long as they’re in a protective case that covers the whole bike
  • Non-folding bikes, or folding bikes over 85cm, must be dismantled and placed into a bike box or bag, and carried separately by Eurodespatch (Eurostar’s registered luggage service)
  • It costs £30 to book in advance (bike travels on your train) or £25 on the day (bike travels on next available train)
  • Bike boxes are included in the price

This replaces the current policy where bikes are hung from a hook without the need to be dismantled: obviously a lot less hassle!

How can I make a booking under the new system?

Paying £5 extra for the peace of mind of having your bike on the same train as you will seem like a sensible choice for most people. If you go for this option, you can book by emailing or calling the address / number below:

  • 03448 225 822

If you opt for the £25 option, just head to the Eurodespatch desk at the station you’re travelling from and speak with a member of staff there.

What is their justification?

Eurostar published an extended tweet explaining their choice to change the bike carriage policy.

Edit: this has since been removed.

This explanation still draws scepticism, and the pressure being mounted by the public and cycling activist groups may cause the policy to change over the next few months. We’ll keep you updated if and when this happens!

Meantime, let us know what you think of the proposed changes in the comments below. Have you taken a bike on a Eurostar train before? Would you be more or less likely to now?

One Response to “Watch out! Changes to Eurostar’s bike policy imminent!”

  1. Richard Says:

    How retrogressive !! Bring back the guards van where bicycles and luggage have their own space!!!

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