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Perhaps the most pro-cycling mainstream politician in the UK: weekly round-up #50!

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Perhaps the most pro-cycling mainstream politician in the UK: weekly round-up #50!

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April 18th, 2016

This week’s round-up features Strava doping, London mayors, a law firm for cyclists, Ikea cycling and a 100 year old rider!

The top image is a creative twist on a sign separating bike lanes and footpath, which was added by a budding street artist. Seeing the bottom half of the sign puts a lot of extra salt in the wound, though:

Bike with stolen wheels

Unusually for a Reddit thread, the comments are full of people asking advice and it being given. There’s some good tips on the best way to lock up a bike which we’re sure you already know, but a reminder never hurts: “One of the best ways is to use a good U-Lock through the frame and one wheel, and a good cable lock through the frame and another wheel”

Doping Finally Makes The Move Online

A doping scandal is erupting on Strava. Although it may seem surreal to think that doping could happen online, an article in the LA Times describes the suspected foul-play of a user named ‘Thorfinn Sassquatch’ who currently holds more than 800 kingships on the site.

The owner of the account has admitted to selling performance enhancing drugs online, and has failed drug tests in the past. It has created an interesting debate though on how Strava (and indeed other social networks) should police their users.

Amongst the uproar several punishments have been suggested by Strava’s users, including stripping Sassquatch’s accolades or leaving a syringe emoji next to their profile picture forever (they do exist: ?).

Thornfinn's profile

Thornfinn’s trophy cabinet at the time of writing

Do you think accounts should be punished (or barred) if they are suspected of foul-play? How rigorously should allegations be investigated?

Who Will Be The Most Cycling-Friendly Mayor?

London’s mayoral election is approaching, whose cycling policy is best? The Guardian attempted to find out by asking each candidate the following 3 questions:

Guardian questions

Regardless of your politics, Boris Johnson’s track record with cycling has been impressive. He was described by the Guardian as “perhaps the most obviously pro-cycling mainstream politician in the UK”. The candidates various answers give insight into their values and probe the extent to which they plan to follow in Boris’ footsteps.

Incidentally, the scores turned out very similar to a similar article the Guardian ran ahead of last year’s general election (you can read more about that in round-up #4).

  • Conservatives mayoral 4/10, general 2/10 (+2)
  • Labour 6/10 vs 4/10 (+2)
  • Lib Dems 9/10 vs 8/10 (+1)
  • Greens 10/10 vs 10/10
  • UKIP 1/10 vs 0/10 (+1)

Do candidates’ stances on cycling affect how you vote?

A Law Firm For Cyclists

UK’s first dedicated firm to open in London. Cycle Legal will be opening later this week to represent injured cyclists, and is built upon 15 years’ experience specialising in cycling injuries at general personal injury firms.

Cyclists in LondonCycling in London is considered risky by some

The owner, Kevin O’Sullivan, says that people “enjoy being represented by a firm which only looks out for them, fighting for their rights, and campaigning for safer roads and increased cycle usage across the country.”

Flat-Pack Bicycle?

Ikea are going to launch a bike (and no it’s not really flat-pack!). IIt will feature a light-weight aluminium frame as well as several other features to reduce the amount of maintenance required, including:

  • Gears tucked away in the rear wheel
  • A cogged drive-belt instead of a chain (apparently good for just under 10,000 miles)
  • Two layers of lacquer to protect the frame from damage

Ikea bike

Looks pretty sturdy!

The bike will be launched in Australia too.

Our Story Of The Week

A 100 year old man is riding the Tour de Yorkshire route! Stan Chadwick has been a cyclist all his life (and has never owned a car), now he is planning to ride the iconic TDY route at the ripe old age of 100.


What a great reminder that we’re never too old to ride, and a great demonstration that you can live a long, rich and fulfilling life without owning a car.

You can read more about Stan in a great article on ITV news, here.

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