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Winner of the Grand Depart Tickets

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Winner of the Grand Depart Tickets

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Grand Depart York

July 3rd, 2014

Grand Depart Ticket Prize Draw – Day 2 York

Thanks to everyone who entered.  We have closed the competition and we are very pleased to say the winner is……

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….Stephenie Burke from Horsforth!

Stephenie will be taking her guests from Buckinghamshire who are visiting Yorkshire for Le Tour weekend.  Stephenie has been lucky enough to have watched the tour since she was 18, and managed to take her family to Paris for the final last year.  Her weekend guests however are quite new to cycle racing and this will be their first ‘live’ experience of the tour….and what a first experience…from the Grandstand in beautiful York!  Their daughter aged 14  went to London with Stephenie last September to see the Tour of Britain final and she is a massive Team Sky fan – they have also had the chance to meet Sir Brad.  The rest of Stephenie’s family will be all out in Addingham waiting for the Caravan & riders on Sunday and they all wanted their guests to enjoy this fab prize!

All the team at Ride25 hope you all have a great day out at The Grand Depart day 2 at York Racecourse, fingers crossed it stays sunny.  Please send us some pics from your day.

Steph - Otley Cycling Club

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