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£200 off Ride25 cycling holiday tours

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£200 off Ride25 cycling holiday tours

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November 15th, 2014

£200 discount on your ride

We are very excited to be running a special £200 off promotional offer for anyone signing up for their first Ride25 cycling holiday tour.  We are basically doing this at cost, as we are that convinced you will want to come back and take part in more Ride25 Legs (and hopefully bringing some mates with you) that we have chosen to gamble the profit we make on your first trip.  Read and watch the reviews below to see why we are so confident you’ll love the whole experience.

How to get your £200 off your Ride25 holiday before 31st December 2014:

Please use discount code “R25200” in the checkout process.  The £200 will be applied to the balance payment of your trip which is due 6 weeks before your trip.   The discount is only valid for your first adventure with Ride25.  This discount period is only available until 31st December 2014.

Read what other riders think of Ride25.

Joe – London – Legs: Paris to Geneva & Geneva to Milan

“My entire experience with Ride25 has been extremely good and I have recommended the concept & trips to so many of my friends/colleagues.. The trips are suitable for a wide variety of abilities/shapes/sizes, there are always groups looking to press ahead and also ones happy to take in the scenery with the extra coffee break. Great concept, design, organisation, execution and network.”  

Helen – Henley – Legs: London to Paris & Paris to Geneva

“Well organised, amazing support, well-routed and a proper fun bunch of people made these cycling trips the best I’ve ever done.”

John – London.  London to Paris

Phenomenal service from Ride25. Thoroughly enjoyed the ride – feels like part ski holiday, part pro peloton experience. Only thing I would change would be the part of the route that goes on cycle paths through the woodland nr Paris. The mechanics were simply brilliant, and went above and beyond what I’d expect in terms of service.”

Ingrid – London – Legs: London to Paris

“The London to Paris ride was an amazing experience. Everything was so well organised and the whole support team was super friendly and helpful. Besides the train ticket home I didn’t have to worry about anything and the group dinners were the perfect opportunity to share our experiences from the day and get some useful advice and tips for the next day. It was an all around fab trip”

Cheryl – London – Legs: London to Paris, Paris to Geneva & Geneva to Milan.

“Addicted. I love traveling AND cycling so why not combine the two – Ride25 offers all this and more with the convenience of taking on all the stress by organising it for us. My passion for cycling has grown and I have pushed my personal boundaries and met many amazing people along the way. So many cool pics from scenic Europe – I have completed leg 1 and 3 with plans to complete many more”  

Bonamy – Norwich – Legs: Paris to Geneva & Geneva to Milan

“Best cycle experience I have ever had. Organisation, route planning everything spot on.”

Watch what they have to say in person here:

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  1. Roger Williams Says:

    Hi. This is for the director of Ride 25 who I met at the cycle show in Birmingham. I am Ben’s dad. I am 65 in the summer of 2016 and am bouncing ideas around as to how to do something special abroad. Mountains must be included! Do you mind giving me some ideas for Ride 25 that I could consider? Cheers. Roger

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