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5 tips for a multi-day cycling holiday with Ride 25

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5 tips for a multi-day cycling holiday with Ride 25

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Day 4 - Lons-le-Saunier to Geneva

April 1st, 2015

We’re very excited that our summer bike tours are a now only a number of weeks away. We have cycling holidays in Italy, Switzerland, UK, Vatican City (the worlds smallest country) and France coming up and if you are booked on these, here are few tips to get maximum enjoyment out of them.  The most popular tour so far this year has been the Geneva to Milan trip.

Rest up the week before the cycling tour

It’s important to let all that good training have a chance to come into effect. Take it very easy the week before, don’t exert yourself, get some early nights and leave your legs to brace themselves for what’s to come. If you taper this way you will feel a lot fresher come the day of departure which will be a much stronger position to be in.

Eat well – keep up your energy

If you’re cycling through Italy or France this summer with Ride 25, rest assured, there will be plenty of amazing food provided along the way. Make sure you take advantage of these and stay well-fuelled and hydrated. Being on a cycling holiday in Italy and France with fantastic food cultures, it will be hard to resist anyway! Eat like a king or queen!  We have even had people gain weight on a  4 days 400mile ride – we know that’s hard to believe..!

Don’t let your legs psyche you out

Your legs will no doubt give you a bit of grief for putting them through a multi-day cycling tour and expecting them to get up the next day and go for it again. If it’s beginning to psyche you out, just remember that you are not alone and everyone will be feeling heavy-legged. Getting back on the bike the next morning might be like sitting on a hedgehog but give it 30 minutes and you’ll get back into the rhythm. You’ll be surprised how resilient you are – you body if well fuelled and hydrated can achieve amazing things

Don’t forget the sun cream

Don’t forget that it is summer, you’re in Europe and outside most of the day. The last thing you need to compound your leg ache is a roaring sun burn. Make sure you are covered head to toe in an all-day, high factor sun cream to avoid any unnecessary redness. It won’t match your Ride25 jersey either.

Go at your own pace and have fun

Remember that this is meant to be fun. You are travelling the world on your trusty bicycle, what could be more a romantic notion than that. Go at your own pace, take in the sights (whilst still remembering what side of the road you are meant to be on!) and drink it all in.

If you fancy joining us on one of our summer cycling holidays then click here to find out what tours are on offer in the next few months.

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