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Arnie Watch, part 2

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Arnie Watch, part 2

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November 7th, 2015

Back in May we wrote a tongue in cheek post about the Daily Mail’s enthusiastic obsession with following Arnold Schwarzenegger’s cycling habits in excessive detail.

Between July 2010 and May 21st 2015 they racked up an incredible 22 stories on the topic of Arnie’s bike rides. We thought that rate would be the maximum possible.


Keep it up, Arnie! (Linked to source)

Since May 21st though we’ve been proven wrong in a big way by 6 new articles about ‘Shorts-zenegger’. We’ve updated our map and his list of jollies accordingly – the numbers start at 23 reflecting the rides in the previous post.

  1. Venice, LA, 14/5/2015

    Company: Patrick (son)
    Mood: “showed his softer side”
    Headline focus: joined by his son
    Highlight: the fact that they chose ‘Jingle All The Way’ as Arnie’s most recognisable film
    Notethis somehow slipped our attention and should technically have been included in the first post

  2. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 30/5/2015

    Company: a pal
    Mood: casual
    Headline focus: he snubbed his love child’s graduation
    Highlight: that he was attending the “Arnold Sports Festival Brazil” – a sports event inspired by him

  3. Santa Monica, 8/6/2015

    Company: Heather Milligan
    Mood: showing no signs of slowing down
    Headline focus: it was sunny
    Highlight: that he was sporting full camo

  4. London, 18/6/2015

    Company: no one
    Mood: silly
    Headline focus: he posed as a waxwork of himself to catch fans off-guard
    Highlight: that he congratulated Boris Johnson, on video, for introducing Boris Bikes
    Note: this was covered twice, the second article is here

  5. Beverly Hills, 31/7/2015

    Company: no one
    Mood: productive
    Headline focus: celebrates 68th birthday with estranged wife
    Highlight: that he squeezed in the bike ride around his own birthday celebrations

  6. Santa Monica, 16/10/2015

    Company: Security guard
    Mood: not specified
    Headline focus: he’s replacing Donald Trump on The Apprentice
    Highlight: this dire pun: “given his love of the velocipede he may consider tweaking the show’s famous catchphrase to ‘You’re tire-d'”

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