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Best Training For A Multi-day Cycling Trip, Holiday or Event

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Best Training For A Multi-day Cycling Trip, Holiday or Event

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Cynergy Aventura Cycling Camps

December 1st, 2015

Multi-day Cycling Training Camp in Majorca

-its easier than you think when you let someone else take the strain!

The nights might be drawing in, but that doesn’t stop us dreaming of next year’s cycling adventures. If you are tempted by a multi-day cycling holiday with Ride25, but are a bit unsure about how you’ll cope with the rigours of cycling every day (strength, stamina, speed, cycling in a group, how your butt will feel after several days in the saddle, etc), then we have the answer.

Meet our friends at Cynergy Aventura runs a week long Spring Cycling Camp to Majorca 11 – 18 March 2016.

The perfect introduction to multi-day events, we will be based at the Ferrer Janeiro Spa & Hotel in Can Picafort on the north east of the island, where we have easy access to different types of terrain.

The rides will be a mixture of flat, rolling and mountain rides, catering for beginners and intermediate riders. It will involve six days of road cycling, all led by experienced, first aid qualified Cynergy Aventura ride leaders, who have a good knowledge of local roads and amenities, and who will ensure that you get the most out of your holiday.

As well as improving your cycling, gaining experience of riding in a bunch, and improving fitness, you’ll side step the bleak UK weather and get your spring season off to a stronger and more confident start.

This is a friendly and inclusive training camp where you will be looked after. Nobody gets left behind on rides and you can even take a day off if you want to (it is a holiday after all!). There will be two groups. Average speeds and terrain will be determined for each group before the ride, so you can choose which ride to take part in.

imageWhat people said last year:

“The leaders planned the rides based on the abilities of each group. They knew the local area well, and were encouraging at all times. I learnt so much and my riding has improved tremendously. A great way to kick start the cycling season. Thanks to G, Rich and the team.” Matt D.

“This trip was a great preparation for my summer cycling goals. Cycling every day but still time for a beer by the pool in the afternoon. I came back feeling fitter and stronger, and ready for anything.” Cat B.

If you want your Ride25 summer cycling holiday trip to be memorable for all the right reasons, try some multi-day cycling training in Majorca.

Visit 2015/ for more information – please mention Ride25 if you get in touch they will do you a great deal.




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