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The Christmas gift guide for cyclists

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The Christmas gift guide for cyclists

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Santa cycling

December 14th, 2015

If you’re looking for some late-in-the-day inspiration for Christmas presents suited to cyclists, look no further!

We asked around the office for suggestions from cycle-friendly stocking fillers, all the way through to sleigh-stoppers that will make any cyclist’s Christmas complete.

Stocking fillers: under £10

Vintage bike horn, £5.50

Vintage bike hornThis is a perennial favourite: one of the team once participated in a Secret Santa in a group of cyclists, and everyone unknowingly bought each other one of these horns and a beer.

Once you’ve given this horn a honk, the sound of the familiar metal bell currently attached to your handlebars will pale in comparison. Other cyclists on the road won’t dare get in your way – in short, you’ll be unstoppable.

Available on the high street or online at Not on the High Street.

Socks, from £6

Cycling Socks - Hi VisNo self-respecting stocking would be complete without at least one pair of socks, but cotton socks with festive innuendo won’t do for the discerning cyclist!

Go for a special pair of cycling socks instead: hi-vis, thermal, et cetera.

Bonus points if you choose a colour that clashes horribly with the recipient’s shoes.

A huge range are available at Sigma Sport.

Bits and pieces: £10-25

Mug, £19

Rouleur mug
Cyclists and coffee are a famous combination. A fetching mug from Rouleur will make a welcome addition to any cyclists’ kitchenware and a perfect vessel to fuel their caffeine addiction.

The range includes either dominant cycling quotes (“as long as I live, I attack”, “it never gets easier, you just go faster”) or kooky caricatures of big cycling names.

Available online at the Rouleur website.

Hats, from £10

Castelli Caps

A surprisingly in-depth essay on the role of hats in cycling describes the humble garment as “an essential piece of kit” serving “both form and function”: “it keeps the sweat or rain out of your eyes, it shields you from the low sun in the Spring and Autumn, it keeps your head warm, and last but not least, it’s part of the cyclist’s quirky look”.


Indeed almost all cycling icons sport specialised head-wear both on and off the saddle – why not join them!

As with socks, a huge range are available at Sigma Sport

For under the tree: £25-50

Bike wine holder, £35

Bike wine holderThis is a bit left-field from the sort of kit we’d usually use, but it captured our interest nonetheless.

Perfect for securely transporting a bottle of your favourite tipple home from the shop, to the beach for a picnic, or maybe even over the Alps for a guaranteed glass when you reach the other side.

If you bring one on a Ride25 tour you’re guaranteed to make friends quickly!

Available at Men’s Society.

KitBrix, £42

KitBrix Ride25Inspired by the discovery that 7 hours 13 minutes was spent searching for and moving kit in a 30 day period, KitBrix have created a convenient and lightweight modular storage system that is perfect for keeping your cycling gear sensibly stored.

You can keep gear for other sports in their own box, then zip all the boxes you need with you together for easy and convenient transit.

Available at the KitBrix website.

Cash to splash: £50-100

Magazine subscription, ~£50

Cycling Weekly MagazineDepending on the magazine and format you choose (digital or print) this will usually clock in at around £50 for an annual subscription. A guaranteed steady stream of cycling news and developments will appeal to anyone engaged with the sport – just check the magazine you choose covers the areas they’re interested in!

Cycling Weekly have a handy guide to help you decide which magazine suits best.

Available via Magazines Direct.

A Brooks saddle, ~£80+

Slick and inspired saddles from a company who believe that “a comfortable saddle is one of the greatest, if not the greatest asset to real pleasure cycling”. Brooks’ saddles are guaranteed eye-turners.

Each of their saddles is partly hand-built lending them a certain authenticity, and a gallery on their website shows the saddles on road bikes if you need a bit of inspiration.

A range are available at the Brooks website.

Symbols of true love: £100+

Dynamic bike fitting, £150

Cyclometrics Bike fitting
People may not realise how ill-fitted their bikes are and how much impact this can have on their riding.

A bike fit is a great way to optimise comfort, increase efficiency, and remove aches and pains from riding, and makes a perfect gift for cyclists of any age or ability.

Available via Cyclometrics.

Garmin Edge 1000, £439.99

Garmin Edge 1000Having one of these on your handlebars demonstrates instantly that you mean business.

Never get lost again as it navigates you effortlessly through pre-planned routes, or get the device to generate a route for you on the go!

Also includes a bunch of nifty features: call and text alerts, social media sharing, weather info, and more. See the video here for more info!  And now live Strava segment alerts – so you can hunt down those KOMs/QOMs

Available at the Garmin website.

Ride25 vouchers, £250-£1250

gift voucher cycling holiday ride25

Why not give the special cyclist in your life the opportunity to join on one of our hand-crafted cycling holidays?

The scenery, food, camaraderie and overarching Ride25 experience have been well received across the board, and would make a lifelong memory as well as a fantastic Christmas present!

Vouchers can be redeemed against any of the rides currently on offer on our site, and can be purchased right here!

Merry Christmas!

* top image from London Cycling Campaign

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