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Question on the blog: travelling with a bike

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Question on the blog: travelling with a bike

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August 21st, 2015

We’ve had a question on a previous blog post about the logistics of travelling with a bike, so we thought a quick refresher wouldn’t go amiss!

Blog question

There’s a guide to packing a bike into a Polaris Bike Pod Pro on our site, complete with video:

Jet2 also have a good guide that details packing your bike into a more generic cardboard box, which airlines will often have available at airports.

In terms of getting airlines to accept bike boxes as check-in luggage, this varies wildly. Some airlines insist on charging for bike boxes regardless of your ticket type and destination (looking at you Easyjet!). Others allow bike boxes to replace one of the check-in bags your ticket allows – some request that you let them know in advance while others don’t.

It’s best to search on Google for your planned airline’s specific policy. This will prevent any expensive surprises on the day of your flight!

It’s also good to shop around and see whether a more expensive flight with an airline that take bikes for free works out cheaper than a cheap flight that charges for bike carriage.

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