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Ride25 on front cover of Cycling Active magazine!

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Ride25 on front cover of Cycling Active magazine!

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September 24th, 2014

Drop in to any good supermarket, book shop or newsagent at the moment and you’ll find Ride25’s CEO, John Readman, emblazoned across the front cover of Cycling Active magazine!  Over a 6-page spread (and front cover pic!) Cycling Active has covered John’s weight loss story and how he lost 5 stone when swapping rugby for cycling – and ultimately what spurred him on to setting up his own cycling tour holiday business, Ride25.


In the article, John describes how discovering cycling meant that he reformed his diet, lost more than 5 stone and dropped 10 inches from his waist – but is very keen to point out that he hasn’t cut out boozing (!) and that realistic weight loss is all about moderation.   As we all know, cycling is a fantastic tool for ensuring you do not suck all the fun out of a healthy lifestyle!

John explains that by making cycling part of his routine and life and cycling regularly and doing longer distances, the weight started to drop off.

It was also the process of buying a new bike that spurred him on to drop some more weight…

“When I first looked at bikes in the shop, I thought ‘what’s the fundamental difference between the £800 model and the one three times the price?’  and overall I concluded, well you’re getting a lighter bike. And I wondered, ‘How much lighter?’ Well, whatever that figure was I looked at myself and thought that the easier way to save the £2000 would be to lose weight myself.”

Diet of course plays a major part in weight loss, and John explains how he started analysing what he ate a little bit more.  He cut our processed bread and other packaged foods – and started to ask himself if he really did need that pudding – or extra packet of crisps! By eating more healthily and losing more weight this affected his cycling in a positive way.

John has now thrown out all of his ‘bigger clothes’ and is enjoying being lighter and healthier and getting much more out of being on his bike.

Taking up cycling has not only meant weight loss but has of course inspired him to set up Ride25 with fellow cyclist enthusiast and entrepreneur, Rob Hamilton, to share their passion with other riders, whether seasoned pros or newcomers to the sport by organising cycling holidays between the UK and Sydney.

John has received a fair amount of ribbing from friends and colleagues over the article, but ultimately, it’s a great success story – and I guess it’s John who’s having the last laugh!


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