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Strava Art Competition

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Strava Art Competition

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December 11th, 2014

Do you fancy yourself as an artist but are better with a bike than a paintbrush?  Why not join the latest craze to sweep the cycling nation and try a bit of ‘Strava art’.  If you are a reader of the cycling press you can’t help but have noticed this recent craze whereby certain routes that have been uploaded onto Strava show up as a picture or a word on the map.  Some of our favourite examples of ‘Strava Art’ are in the gallery below.

Send us your Strava art – and win yourself a half price Ride25 holiday!

We are running a competition whereby you send us your own ‘Strava Art’ with a Ride25 theme and our judges will select one lucky winner to get a half price Ride25 holiday (Ts and Cs apply.)


How do I enter?

1) Simply plan and ride your route on Strava so that the words ‘Ride25’ show up on the picture on the map.  (The more original the better, but make sure you include the words ‘Ride25’)

2) Then, simply share it on our Facebook page –





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