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Strava’s Global Bike To Work Day: Get Involved!

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Strava’s Global Bike To Work Day: Get Involved!

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April 29th, 2016

Momentum is building to have a dedicated day to commemorate cycling and its benefits.

In March the World Cycling Alliance began campaigning the UN to designate an official World Bicycle Day.

Their reasoning is that the way cycling delivers on the UN Global Goals (“reducing megatons of greenhouse gas emissions and saving trillions of US dollars, for example”) is worthy of recognition.

Now Strava have announced they will host a Global Bike to Work Day on 10th May to create “a global movement to make cities better for cyclists”. The kooky video below was released to promote the event.

Strava are known for the beneficial ways they use data submitted to their website. The Strava Metro scheme pulls insights from the huge amount of rides users upload, then works with urban planners to improve infrastructure and cycling within cities.

If loads of cyclists choose to use one road over another, for example, it can allow this decision to be analysed and can inform future road building and city planning.

This is a great idea and a great opportunity for you to be directly involved in positive urban planning.

You can sign up for the challenge through Strava, right here.

On 10th May make sure to upload your commute and until then spread the word with the #CommutesCount hashtag!

2 Responses to “Strava’s Global Bike To Work Day: Get Involved!”

  1. Shaun Ricketts Says:

    I’m actually going to be commuting to my first uni exam on this day! :S

  2. Chris @ Ride25 Says:

    Nice! We’re sure you’ll smash it 😉

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